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Please browse my book list. I'm sure that you will find one that you can relate to or one that may help a loved one.

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Hello, my name is Richard and I'm a writer and I also work with pastoral care of persons with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia in Western Pennsylvania. I also help older persons remember and record their life stories, so leaving a legacy for succeeding generations.

You will note that aging is a spiritual journey from birth to death. This theme reoccurs throughout my books. The spiritual view of life is that we always move forward, chershing but not dwelling in the past, anticipating but not anxious about the future, and living fully in the present. Eleanor Roosevelt wisely wrote these words, "Yesterday is history. Tommorow is a mystery. Today is a gift - the present."



Psalms That Mirror the Soul: A Study Guide by Richard L. Morgan

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All proceeds from sales go to Clergy Against Alzheimer's for research.




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